srijeda, 1. lipnja 2016.

My new "addiction", LOL

Hi everyone!
Today, I'm starting as member of praise team on With love studio.
So, one of the things you'll see on this blog from now on is... 
well, advertising of new products in their store...
Or, links to some of freebies, like in Monthly challenges, 
or from different designers... we'll see together how that will go
So, first thing this time is... June XOXO collab! 
Trust me, their collabs are big kits, 
with so many different elements and papers, 
different styles because every designer has their own style... 
Let me know what you think

Find this collab in store: Rustic wedding

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  1. Congrats on your new 'job', and good luck of course! Glad you are joining the WLS family!
    Love from Holland, Marieke (aka Romajo)