subota, 16. srpnja 2016.

July lovely colors at With love studio

Hi everyone!
It's time for July lovely colors. This time colors are more related to American 
flag, in my opinion, but that's so beautiful. For now all parts of kits are sold separately.

So, let's see who's got which kit?

Winks art graphics has "Alphabet soup"kit and "CU quilt square templates"
 Love it scrap it has "Honey do"

MDD drag and drop templates has "This is my life" and "Your hexed" templates

Dae designs has "Wanderer"

Creations by Samantha has "Moving day"

Shmooangel has "London calling"

Designs by Romajo has "Dreaming of... Independence"

Time out scraps has "Enjoying the ride"

Kandi pixel designs has "Project garden"

Chunlin designs has "Intuition"

Aurelie scrap has "Ode to nature"

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