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"Talk like a pirate day" on With love studio!

Ahoy, mateys!

Monday is "Talk like a pirate day" and WLS is kind of celebrating it. 
Me, I'm having fun just reading that hillarious language.
There's whole bunch of stuff you can win, collect and get in all parts of With love studio.

Let check newsletter first. If you're not already, you can subscribe on think link:
After you confirm, you can collect great gift.

Next, blog. Find another gift at this link:

Also on Facebook. With love studio has great page 
where you can also get gifts all through this weekend.

And finally, forum. Here are bunch of games and fun stuff for you:
Pillage and plunder with Meg Scott studio - make a layout with Meg's kit 
and you can chose kit of your choice as FREE gift
Let's spy with ye eye avata' - make new avatar 
(if you're member of forum) and get cute template
Owl challenge with Designs by Romajo - make for Marieke cute owl 
with kits from the store and you can win free kit of your choice.
Scraplift with Meg scott studio - find inspiration from Meg's 
Pinterest board and make similar layout for 5$ coupon for her store
Show me your pirate meme - go to Google and find 
funny pictures of pirates, then post them in forum.
Treasure hunt - find cute pirate coins (picture on bottom of the post) looking at 
treasure map for parts of big XOXO collab (free kit by WLS designers)
Try to find out which words she used and send it to her 
for free kit of your choice from her store.
Yer pirate name - maybe the funniest game. Find out 
what you would be called if you're a pirate!
 (let just say, I'm Captain Rat Squid)
Share a pirate joke - search on Google for 
some funnies about pirates, then post it in forum.
Pirate bingo - download yourself a bingo card 
and find in store pictures of kits that fits descriptions on card. 
Prize: still unknown (LOL)
Happy "Talk like a pirate day" - Meg posted link to "pirate translator". 
Use it to make sentences for story about pirates.
Pirate scrapping challenge - make layout for pize from Marieke's store.
Would ye rather - answer some silly questions

So much fun, right? See you on Monday!

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