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DSD fun on With love studio

Hi everyone!

With love studio forum is full of fun challenges prepared for 
Digital scrapbooking day!

Let's see:

2. Scavenger hunts: Love it scrap it and Creations by Samantha
3. Other challenges:
What's in a name challenge - create a layout using only elements 
starting with first and last letter of your own name
Caption this akward family photos - post your funny lines about some pictures
Recipe challenge - Marieke made a list of items you should include in your layout
Layout I spy challenge - try to find layout similar to the one posted before you
Top five challenge - name five things most important to you
Share your specials challenge - find one of your own layouts that you like, 
post it and explain why you like it
full of free templates.  Make a layout with one of them and post it
Going off road challenge - make a layout off theme using themed kit 
(example: using Christmas kit for camping layout)
Avatars are cool challenge - make new avatar for yourself and post it
Selfie obssesion - make a layout using selfie picture
and make similar layout using her kits, then post it in challenge thread
3 sides challenge - make a layout with elements on three sides of paper
Scrap your thanks challenge - find at least one thing you're thankful for 
and make a layout about it
Bingo challenge - download a bingo card and follow instrucions 
on it, then post in thread

Every challenge hide cool prize in it, so make sure you check them all out!
Happy scrapping!

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