subota, 22. listopada 2016.

With love studio - all the news

Hi everyone!
There's a lot going on right now.
With love studio designers are preparing 
another fun-filled week called Witching week.
Also, there's some great deals in store, and - most important - a FREEBIE!

So let's take a look. Marieke made an invitation for her week of fun and games:

 Don't forget, Speed scrap is part of challenges, so you can get one point closer to FREE collab

Then we have some discounts in store. 
Shelley Marie gives you 30% off on some of her popular kits, 
and HappyNess creation also has discount for some of her kits:

And, I saved the best for the last. 
Sugar moon designs is Featured designer for October. 
You can read all about her and get this 
lovely freebie on WLS blog. This is the post link:

That's all for today! See you soon in next post

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