srijeda, 3. siječnja 2018.

Every day planning

Hi everyone!

Last year, since I started working much more with scrapbook designers,
I had to start to use planner to get everything done on time.

When I started my research for best planner available, I found Erin Condren.
She has one of the most popular collection of planners for every aspect of your life.

And then, my darling friend Jodi of Throwing some scraps around
reminded me that she has dashboards with every of her scrapbooking kits.
I asked what it was, and here's the answer: it's lovely add-on to planner, so that
you can personalize it and separate it in parts, depending what you will
write in it, Also, there are some stickers, so useful to use in planner

So, here are just some of Jodi's dashboards (and stickers) for you to see

and now reminder. I use affiliate links now, so that means that if you 
click on something I might earn few pennies (which would be very good)

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