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The Hungry JPEG - The best of my favorite site

Hi everyone!

You know I love digital scrapbooking a lot. But, beside that, I am always 
looking for other lovely kits that go with also lovely price.
That means - bundles. Just like digital scrapbook designers put their similar products in one big collection (for example Make life grand by Just Because studio, We'll always have Paris by Jocee designs or Campfire nights by MagsGraphics), one of my favorite sites for good designs is The Hungry JPEG, which has lots of bundles during a month.
Let's take a look at current ones:

First all, it's time to remember what was the best in 2018. About 100 most loved designers made bundles from their best products and they are offering that here:

Best of 2018 Campaign Launch Banner

Although it's not so close, my birthday is coming. Of course The Hungry JPEG is ready with heir great bundle. But hurry, that one will expire in few days

Spring is coming veeery slowly in some countries, but The Hungry JPEG are ready with two bundles:


Also, they are always prepared for the biggest crowd - people who love fonts. Fonts are needed for so many graphic work, online and offline. Let's take a look, first one will end later this week:

and second one is perpetual, never-ending bundle

I'm hoping you'll at least take a look at those bundles. Have fun and see you soon.

PS: Did you know you can make money with The Hungry JPEG? Join the affiliate program!
Or you want to create and even sell your own products? Check out the form and apply!

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