utorak, 20. siječnja 2015.

Digi blogtrain list - Animal abuse

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm a sucker for animals, my vet says they spread the word on where to go, lol.

    1. you're welcome... LOL, he's right, animals are best proof of life

  2. This such a horrible offense!!! To hurt one of God's creatures, something that loves you so unconditionally... I will never understand it or agree with it in anyway!! I have 3 cats and 1 dog I have recused,,, They now live on 450 acres and run free and are SAFE!!! I have been recusing animals since I was a teenager!! Thank you for a lovely kit and putting the spot light on a horrible action!!!

    1. oh, Mary, I feel the same! I loooove animals and when I saw this blogtrain, I knew I have t be part of it
      It so great that you have so many pets... I wish I could see them playing happily in your house... I had a cat and a dog, now my neighbours have such a great dog, she's almost mine for how much time she spends with me...