petak, 15. srpnja 2016.

What's new at WLS (15/07/2016)?

Hi everyone!
As always With love studio store is full of new products.

First of all, Designs by Romajo has kit "Dreaming of... happines" (that's actually package of all parts of last month's Lovely colors), and also Summer week special 2.

Winks art graphics has a kit "Growing pains - Baby boy"

HappyNees creations has mini kits "La mer... Michel!" and "Moment of life: Summer", plus "Sea dreaming" 

Pamela Bachmeyer designs has kit "Pocket play"

Kandi Pixel designs has "Roughing it" as bundle and as all parts separately

Sunshine inspired designs has couple of CU packs

 Meg Scott studio has kits "Only in my dreams" and "A magical adventure", but also all parts are sold separately

 Lisa Rosa designs has "PS script - layers"

 So, now you can go to store and chose something for yourself

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