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Jiovanna's creations - Win you withlist game

Hi everyone!
Oh, how I love freebies!
One of newest designers on With love studio is giving free kit away.

All that is needed is to visit her store, chose a kit, 
then posted it in WLS forum. One person will get that kit in September.

Here's actual text from Jiovanna on her Facebook page:

★ Hello everyone!
I'm really excited about this game! as you already know Samantha from Creations By: Samantha & I are celebrating our Birthdays this month, so here I am bringing you another fun game!
★ I'm going to offer you ALL a chance to WIN YOUR WISH
from my shop here at With Love Studio.
★ So Head over to my shop (Jiovanna's creations) and browse through to find what you wish for most!
★ To participate you MUST post the link and name of the product in the forum thread (Win your wishlist) NOT HERE!!!!!!
★ The last day is August 31st, after the birthday fun is over I'll announce a WINNER through RANDOM.ORG on September 1st!
★ Good Luck everyone! ^_

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