petak, 19. kolovoza 2016.

With love studio - Retiring products

Hi everyone!
It's time for End of the summer. That means that
designers of With love studio are selling their oldest kits and bundles
for small fraction of regular price.
So let's take a look:

Sunshine inspired designs is selling her collection "Back in time"
It's big bundle, but every part is also sold separately
Everything is 75% off, so go and grab it while you still can - 08/19 - 08/27!!!

Lisa Rosa is retiring 16 (!!!) of her kits in one pack, but also every kit is sold separately. 
Bundle of kits is 38% off, and kits are sold for 67% off regular price. Go grab it now!

And Love it scrap it also has big number of kits for retirement. 
Every kit is sold at 70% off price, so go ino the store.

Link to the store: RETIREMENT

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