ponedjeljak, 6. ožujka 2017.

Important news!

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry for this, but: this month 
will probably not be any freebies.
Recently, my external hard drive crashed. 
So very big part of my digital scrapbooking stash 
just disappeared.
I'm now in process of getting back 
what ever I can, so I don't have time 
to focus on making freebies.
But, as soon as I get enough of stash 
to work with, I'll try to add at least 
small bits like clusters and Facebook covers.
Thank you so much for 
being my "readers" and for being patient with me
Hugs for everyone!

2 komentara:

  1. Hi Dea, how terrible... I had a hd crash some years ago and know how many work it is to get something back. That's why I now back up all my hd's!

    1. thank you, Claudia... I just have to be more careful... EHD that crashed actually fell of table one day and something was broken inside, which is why it crashed over time, because I was using it every day... I just have to keep the new one safely on table, not on the corner of table