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nedjelja, 19. rujna 2021.

Luck of the Irish by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

Another one of my favorite collection by Maggie is Luck of the Irish. 

I love, love, love green color, so this is perfect for me:

LUCK OF THE IRISH in MagsGraphics store

subota, 18. rujna 2021.

At the fair collection by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

Autumn is usually time when fairs and circuses came to 

my hometown. Maggie of MagsGraphics has interesting collection about that topic:

AT THE FAIR in MagsGraphics store

petak, 17. rujna 2021.

Farmhouse Rustic by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

If you're looking for farming collections to scrap with, 

here's one by my dear friend Maggie of MagsGraphics

FARMHOUSE RUSTIC in MagsGraphics store

četvrtak, 16. rujna 2021.

Live, Laugh, Love by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

One of those collection that you can use for any kind of layout 

is "Live, Laugh, Love" by MagsGraphics.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE in MagsGraphics Forever store

Since Forever is specific, it has it's own software, you can find it here:


srijeda, 15. rujna 2021.

Follow your dreams templates

 Hi everyone!

If you're looking for great layout templates with multiple places for photos. 

then Dear Friends Designs are perfect choice. Take a look at my favorite templates:

their shop is at GINGERSCRAPS

utorak, 14. rujna 2021.

Free font bundle

 Hi everyone!

I'm not huge fan of fonts, but I do like to collect freebie once in a while. 

Especially if it's in bundle like this:

DOWNLOAD on DealJumbo