petak, 15. veljače 2019.

$1 calligraphy fonts on The Hungry JPEG

Hi everyone!

Every once in a while, I start looking for new fonts. I'm not big fan of fonts, really, so I look only for those very cheap (or maybe free).
Anyway, in my search for handwritten fonts I found Amarletting studio on The Hungry JPEG with couple of $1 fonts:

That's it for today. Visit us again soon

Birthday - mini kits and bundles (maybe even freebies!)

Hi everyone!

Birthday is - well, probably - impotant day in everybody's life. We all love greetings and gifts, no matter how much we say we don't need it. 
So, let's take a look which items I found to help you celebrate your next year in life:

Now it's time for some freebies:


That's it for today! Join us soon for more freebies and news

nedjelja, 10. veljače 2019.

Wedding season

Hi everyone!

Wedding season is slowly starting. I'm not much fan of it, 
but it's big trend in scrapbooking and crafts in general.

My friend Jocee has amazing bundle in 
her store on Gingerscraps, you might want to take a look:

Also, there's amazing big bundle on DesignBundles

And here's what else you can find on DesignBundles 
about wedding (images are linked, just click and you'll go to that product) 

And here's one more scrapbooking kit from my friend Ilonka:

A DAY FOR LOVE on GoDigitalScrapbooking

See you soon, have fun

petak, 8. veljače 2019.

Valentine inchies

Hi everyone!

Today I have a new freebie. This one is so cute.

I used mini kit from Valentine graphics bundle on DesignBundles.

I love works of AMBIllustrations
so you might see some more stuff on my blog soon.

Kit I used is by A Beautiful mess and called "XOXO".

Here's your freebie now

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

See you soon!

četvrtak, 7. veljače 2019.

Scrapbooking for babies

Hi everyone!

Well, in family it's that time again - baby birthdays and new borns. 
So, I'm looking for few kits to inspire me for layouts.
So, let's take a look what I found:

One of my favorite designers (and friends) has two cute kits - one for boys, one for girls:

JOCEE DESIGNS - Baby mine pink and Baby mine blue

Then, Designs by Romajo (also, great designer and my friend) has this one:

Designs by Romajo - New beginnings

But, I scanned Design Bundles for interesting stuff. Here's what I found. First:

BABY GIRAFFE (we have some really tall people in family, so this is like a pun)

BABY SILHOUETTES (this will come handy for years and years)

So, I think I have enough for the rest of the year. What about you, do you know any other amazing baby kit? Let me know in comments!