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Old freebie by Miss Tiina


on her blog

Repost - TDE Time for the fairies

 Hi everyone!

Another very old blogtrain has now new life on my blog. This was not my best work, in fact it was my very start in thinking of becoming a designer. Yeah, I know, Disney is trademarked, but so many people actually do kits with Disney characters, so this is not such a big deal.


DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

Both parts are in same ZIP            

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Freebie by Harper Finch


scroll down untill you see that image on


Repost - DBTL Diabetes awareness

 Hi everyone!

Here's another repost of old blogtrain. This was in November 2013. 

In the middle of month is Diabetes awareness day 

(which was also my Granpa's birrthday). 

So, you can download freebie under preview

 DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

Here's another one that is still alive:


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Free blog planner

 My life is so hectic right now. There's always so many things I want to do (or have to do), and when I'm working online, blog planner is my best helper.

Check out the one I always use by Designer Blogs:

this is just one of 9 pages you get when you get it from the site.

srijeda, 1. prosinca 2021.

Free writing course

 If you want to try and write a poem or maybe something longer, here is a fun course you can use.

Let me know if you actually tried it