utorak, 24. prosinca 2019.

Heart papers

Here's cute freebie for you:

This is one of papers I made for sale in my store. 
Just click on picture to get bigger view, then right-click to download it in your computer.
If you're interested in more, jump in:

utorak, 2. travnja 2019.

Autism awareness (AND FREEBIES)

Hi everyone!

I know I'm kind of late, but still.
Today is Autism awareness day. Few weeks ago I made some products 
for my store on that theme, which you can see below. 
(I would really appreciate some likes on it)
On the bottom of post you'll have 2 freebies, thanks to
my dear friend Lisa Marie of The Cherry on Top and her CT team.

(when you buy bundle, you actually save money - or you're getting butterflies pack for free)

Now for the freebies. Click on each picture 
to get larger view, then download it in your computer.

Thank you for visiting!

nedjelja, 31. ožujka 2019.

Wine - in digital world (with freebies)

Hi everyone!

Who would know, that wine is such a popular theme in digital scrapbooking 
and other digital crafts?

And some freebies

Have fun (not too much drinking) untill next time

petak, 29. ožujka 2019.

Watercolor - only digital version (and some freebies)

Hi everyone!

Like flowers (see my post from few days ago), watercolor is huge theme in digital world. On DesignBundles there are tons of graphics, but this week I'll stick to just papers

And now for the freebies

That's it for today! Enjoy in all these papers

srijeda, 27. ožujka 2019.

Flowers - digital most loved theme (plus freebies)

Hi everyone!

Flower - always a theme for something. Especially in scrapbooking, 
you can't find a kit without some flowers in it. This time, 
I want to explore digital papers made with flowers.

Some freebies too

nedjelja, 24. ožujka 2019.

Zentangle - new coloring pages

Hi everyone!

I love coloring books, and pages. I had one post about it with mandalas recently, 
but now I want to explore much more complex way to color.
This was suggest to me because of my illness, but to tell you the truth, 
I'm not that much interested in it. But I admit there are few lovely designs

That's it for today! See you next week

srijeda, 20. ožujka 2019.

Earrings - create your own with these!

Hi everyone!

I couldn't believe when I saw these! People actually make templates for jewelery items. 
This week, we'll explore earrings.

That's it! See you some other time

nedjelja, 17. ožujka 2019.

Sports - always fun

Hi everyone!

Here we are, in another fun way to express that we like all things healthy, 
but not actually doing it. This time, I'm showing you some sport related graphics and fonts 

Have fun and try to go outside (at least for a walk)

petak, 15. ožujka 2019.

Mandala - fun way to color and decor (plus freebie)

Hi everyone!

So, if you like coloring books - especially these new, 
so-called adult coloring books - most of them have mandalas 
in it. For me, it's a great way to relax before sleep. 
There's millions of ways you can color each mandala, 
and so many ways you can use it in decorating your house or just some greeting card.


Have fun and see you soon