nedjelja, 24. siječnja 2021.

Old freebie Wedding season renewed

Hi everyone!

Lomg time ago, I made mini paper pack for blogtrain called "Wedding bliss" at Wilma4ever store.

Now it's time to give it a new life - still as freebie - in my Creative Fabrica store.

DOWNLOAD (Creative Fabrica)

Have fun!

utorak, 12. siječnja 2021.

Pixel Scrapper - amazing website for digital crafts

IMPORTANT: PixelScrapper is now! Just name (and domain) changed, everything else is the same 

For those of you who don't know who we are, Pixel Scrapper is a community and digital arts site, focused primarily around digital scrapbooking. No idea what that is? We explain what digital scrapbooking is and give a thorough introduction on our site.

Pixel Scrapper was built to be a place of creativity, generosity, and connection. We form community through our forums, our live chat room, and kind, encouraging, and uplifting comments on each others' layouts and graphics. We not only have an open gallery in which to share layouts, but also a Commons dedicated around giving space to people who love to design (or are just learning) to share their work and receive feedback. We also have fun challenges to participate in with other scrapbookers that will fuel your creativity.

At the center of our site is not only community, but high quality graphics that, while designed for digital scrapbookers, are also great for a wide variety of graphic designers and digital artists.

We have thousands upon thousands of graphics available not only in themed kits and bundles, but also for individual download. When you register for a free account on our site, you get five free downloads every single day (and a free kit to start off!). These are of the highest quality, and are available for personal, or commercial use (and our commercial use license is one of the most flexible and generous on the web).

If that's not enough for you, sign up for one of our affordable, flat-rate subscriptions and you'll get unlimited individual downloads, as well as 5 kits per day (that's 150 in a month! And once you reach 'patron' status - that upgrades to completely unlimited). This is the best deal in digital scrapbooking you'll find anywhere on the internet.

We have a huge range of graphics, and in a wide variety of formats that include psd, svg, eps, and more. Don't know how to use them? We value educating our users as well, and have dozens and dozens of tutorials (many of them for Photoshop, a powerful tool and probably the most widely used in the industry) that will help get you up to speed and take your skills to another level.

Come take a look at all we have to offer. Jump in and introduce yourself and receive a warm welcome! Let your life be enriched through connecting over this craft and having your imagination inspired by your fellow artists.