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Old freebie by Harper Finch

 Hi everyone!

Here's interesting mini kit by Harper Finch for end of warm days

DOWNLOAD is on her blog (scroll down untill you see it)

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Affiliate marketing course

 Hi everyone!

One of my favorte blogs, Making sense of cents, has an affiliate marketing course. 

Everyone is talking about it, and I'm planning to enroll one day. 

But if you're interested to learn how you can make some money, here it is:


petak, 24. rujna 2021.

Passive income ideas

 Hi everyone!

As you probably already know, I'm earning little bits of money through this blog. I do affiliate marketing, which is easy and fun.
One of my favorite blog - which helped me learn about affiliate marketing - is Making sense of cents.

Here's great article that you can read and maybe find a way to earn something yourself:

Are you looking for passive income ideas so that you can start making more money? Learning how to make passive income streams can significantly change your life by helping you earn more money and diversifying your income.

Read the rest on BLOG.

New freebie in Creative Fabrica

 HI everyone!

It's time for my monthly freebie in Creative Fabrica. 

This time I have old freebie "Morning Sunshine" from Wilma4ever blogtrain.


Have fun!

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Elizabeth Weaver designs

 Hi everyone!

Gingerscraps is celebrating 13th birthday this month, so there's 

a lot of games, freebis and other specials.

Elizabeth Weaver, know as Elizabeth's market croos, has a cute freebie

DOWNLOAD is in post on Facebook

Also, check out her Gingerscraps store


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Organize with ACDsee

 Hi everyone!

Did you ever wish you can have your digital files organized on your computer or EHD? Duplicates deleted, everything easy to find?

Well, look no more - it's here. ACDsee software helps you sort your files in a way you can find them, see what you have and remove anything unneeded.

Now is your chance to get course that will help you learn how to use this software in a best way.

ACDSEE course at Karen Schulz  store

utorak, 21. rujna 2021.

Hugs & Kisses mini kit by Over the fence designs

 HI everyone!

This lovely mini kit by two great designers is perfect for 

Valentine's day, but also for a lot more layouts.

Find it in their MYMEMORIES store

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Luck of the Irish by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

Another one of my favorite collection by Maggie is Luck of the Irish. 

I love, love, love green color, so this is perfect for me:

LUCK OF THE IRISH in MagsGraphics store

subota, 18. rujna 2021.

At the fair collection by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

Autumn is usually time when fairs and circuses came to 

my hometown. Maggie of MagsGraphics has interesting collection about that topic:

AT THE FAIR in MagsGraphics store

petak, 17. rujna 2021.

Farmhouse Rustic by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

If you're looking for farming collections to scrap with, 

here's one by my dear friend Maggie of MagsGraphics

FARMHOUSE RUSTIC in MagsGraphics store

četvrtak, 16. rujna 2021.

Live, Laugh, Love by MagsGraphics

 Hi everyone!

One of those collection that you can use for any kind of layout 

is "Live, Laugh, Love" by MagsGraphics.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE in MagsGraphics Forever store

Since Forever is specific, it has it's own software, you can find it here:


srijeda, 15. rujna 2021.

Follow your dreams templates

 Hi everyone!

If you're looking for great layout templates with multiple places for photos. 

then Dear Friends Designs are perfect choice. Take a look at my favorite templates:

their shop is at GINGERSCRAPS

utorak, 14. rujna 2021.

Free font bundle

 Hi everyone!

I'm not huge fan of fonts, but I do like to collect freebie once in a while. 

Especially if it's in bundle like this:

DOWNLOAD on DealJumbo

ponedjeljak, 13. rujna 2021.

Photo papers - Landscapes

 Hi everyone!

Few weeks ago I made a post Tell me more
where I asked you what would you like to see on my blog or in my newsletter.
My reader AB Rocks posted few great ideas and I tried to start creating it.

Well, first in line are landscaped papers. this time more of seaside, 

but there will be more in future with different themes. 

You can download them below

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

I also have two paper packs with flowers and leaves in my store - for just $1 each!



Thank you for reading!


subota, 11. rujna 2021.

Winsor digi designs old freebie

 Hi everyone!

Here's another old freebie I found on net. I was part of that blogtrain (post is here, link still works - BLOGTRAIN)

DOWNLOAD on Winsor blog

NOTE: if your Chrome is giving you trouble when you click to get the freebie, then do this. Right-click on image, then "Open in anonimuos tab". It will get you download.
Of course that means you do all that on Winsor blog, not here. I'm just telling you about old goodie.

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Gold watercolors freebie

 Hi everyone!

My freebie for you today is 3 watercolor papers with a little bit of gold in it.

DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

If you look on my CF Fans page, you'll find 6 more papers from this collection. 

But, important note:

CF Fans is like a paid blog, you can't download anything if you don't pay a monthly fee of $5.
I have that site since April this year, so there's a LOT of paper packs 
that you can get for only $5 if you pay now. 

CF Fans site:

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Oldie but goodie by The Cherry on Top

 HI everyone!

I'm not really a fan of fonts and alphas, but I know a lot of scrappers that are. 
Well, Lisa had one as freebie long time ago, so let's take a look:

DOWNLOAD is on her blog

nedjelja, 5. rujna 2021.

Another older freebie by The Cherry on Top

 Hi everyone!

If you didn't know, Lisa of TCOT is one of my favorite designers, and a great friend.
Here's something old on her blog, but still very cute and useful.

DOWNLOAD on The Cherry blog

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