subota, 30. listopada 2021.

petak, 29. listopada 2021.

Font subscription at Creative Fabrica

 If you love collectiong fonts, then you know how expensive 
that can be - unless it's all free.

But, there is a way to have all the fonts you like at very low price!

Creative Fabrica has Font subscription! 

For only $19/month you get access to almost 100K fonts.

Get yours now!


utorak, 26. listopada 2021.

My older freebie

 One of my favorite blogtrains is officialy over. I was part of it for almost 9 years. 

This time I want to remind you that it was all about 
the worst diseases that usually were so close to hearts of every designer 
that worked on this blogtrain. 
Take a look at 2019 when we had "Neurofibromatosis awareness". 
Here's preview

DOWNLOAD is still available in original post

ponedjeljak, 25. listopada 2021.

Old freebie by Sugarmoon designs

 Even though With Love Studio doesn't exists anymore. this was a big surprise.

I found one of their designers - Sugar Moon designs - and her old freebie.

Facebook covers are still there for download, only you have to copy link 

and paste it in another browser window. For some reason Google 

doesn't allow me to download it in Chrome

So go here and 

DOWNLOAD from her blog

nedjelja, 24. listopada 2021.

petak, 22. listopada 2021.

My old layout

Whoa! Google is amazing sometimes.

I was searching for something about my homwtown 

(for those that don't know, I live in Croatia, town of Osijek).

Well, Google showed me my old layout that I made 

for JoCee while I was in her CT team. It was sometime in 2017, I think.

Anyway, layout is in my Pixel Scrapper gallery that I 
don't use much anymore. And I'm not working with Jocee anymore.
But what memories this brought up! I love Google!


srijeda, 20. listopada 2021.

Perfect Facebook group

You know on Facebook all the time, right?

But! Did you know that one of my favorite places to hang out 


(free template that you can find in the group)

In this group you can find all kinds of freebies, 

tutorials, layouts and everything else that makes your day complete.

Have fun scrolling through the group!


ponedjeljak, 18. listopada 2021.

Kreative design studio

 This is new store by my friend Lisa. She was known as 
The Cherry on top, and you can still read her blog.
But know she's Kreative design studio at Design Bundles. 
These plaid papers are just one of many veeery beautiful products


ponedjeljak, 11. listopada 2021.

petak, 8. listopada 2021.

srijeda, 6. listopada 2021.

Free templates

 Did you know there's Facebook group where you can find free layout templates?

It's called ALFLT official blog/FB train fan group. And it's about blogtrain that brings you free layout templates every other month. Lots of famous designers are there, so you know you get fantastic work.

New blogtrain just started, so take a look for list of designers here:


utorak, 5. listopada 2021.

petak, 1. listopada 2021.

Red scatter

 New freebie for you - red scatter. great for all kinds of crafts, so let me know for what you will use it.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)