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Free blog planner

 My life is so hectic right now. There's always so many things I want to do (or have to do), and when I'm working online, blog planner is my best helper.

Check out the one I always use by Designer Blogs:

this is just one of 9 pages you get when you get it from the site.

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Free writing course

 If you want to try and write a poem or maybe something longer, here is a fun course you can use.

Let me know if you actually tried it


utorak, 30. studenoga 2021.

Repost - DBTL Antibullying awareness

 Hi everyone!

I have another old blogtrain freebie that I want to revive. 

This time it's Digiblogtrain list Antibullying awareness. 

It was in September 2013, so it's very old, and my part in the only one still alive.

DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

Happiness Is Mega kit


In O'Scraps store

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The Good Life: October 2021 Mixed Media Kit

 I love Pixel Scrapper - well, that's old name, now it's Digital Scrapbook.

Here's their huge collection made by the owner, Marisa Lerin.

You can buy it in her STORE

srijeda, 24. studenoga 2021.

Baby Pink Artsy Papers by Cutie Pie Scarps

Julie is my dear friend, and her kits are just so adorable, so I wanted to introduce her to you.

This papers are extremly lovely for any kind of crafts

in Cutie Pie scraps MM store


Repost - DBTL Anorexia and bulimia

 Hi everyone!

This was my first blogtrain part for my ever favorite Digi blogtrain list. We closed that chapter of our lives, but I'm still giving you some oldies.
This was originally in August of 2013, when I used 4Shared. hat site now is just aweful, so I'm removing my files and uploading them to MediaFire. Which so far, noone told me it was bad.

DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

All the stops (that are still available)

DeasDesigns - you are here


Have fun!

subota, 20. studenoga 2021.

Subscribe to ADB designs newsletter

 Hi everyone!

One of my dearest friends and designers is Diane of ADB designs. She has amazing newsletter full of her kits - most of them always on some kind of sale - and FREEBIES.

NEWSLETTER form for subscription

srijeda, 17. studenoga 2021.

Ho to recolor images in Photoshop

 Another interesting tutorial by Karen Schulz is about recoloring images.

If you want to create flowers like this, try her tutorial:

Tutorial is on Karen's blog

utorak, 16. studenoga 2021.

How to use Blend Modes in Photoshop

If you want to learn how to use more options in Photoshop, take a look at Karen's tutorial about blend modes. In no time, you'll create textured papers like this:


Tutorial is on Karen Schulz blog

srijeda, 10. studenoga 2021.

Autumn Wonder by Lil Mz Brainstorms

Big news!!!

 HI everyone!

I have some news for you. Maybe you won't like it, but it has to be this way.

This blog will have to go through some changes. There is so much more online that inspires me and is my focus now then scrapbooking.

Yes, you will still find freebies here (and on my FB page) and news about digital scrapbooking, my own and from other designers. I'm still designer at Design Bundles and Creative Fabrica (even The Hungry JPEG, but that needs a lot of work). So there will always be my new products and freebies along with it. But since one of the longest blogtrains that I loved is now officially done, I'm moving to other challenges.

So... I am getting more and more into affiliate marketing. Not only I'm now making money from my stores, but I also promote others. I am interested in other ways to make money, because let's face it... life is hard, everything is so expensive, and me not having "real" job means being broke most of the time. So, when/if I can find a way to make money and it turns out I'm good at it, I will stick with it.
So, what I really want to say is, you'll find other posts on this blog too. I hope it will inspire you to try it yourself (I will always be around to help). It's a lot about social media, but other ways of affiliate marketing, so I think it will be interesting enough.

Thank you for all these years and I hope for more to come.

ponedjeljak, 1. studenoga 2021.

MagsGraphics - At the fair

It's time to head to the FAIR! Whether you are there for the carnival rides, the delicious Fair Food, the games, or the livestock, this collection has elements to match all of your state, county, or local fair photos! 

Check it in MagsGraphics STORE

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Font subscription at Creative Fabrica

 If you love collectiong fonts, then you know how expensive 
that can be - unless it's all free.

But, there is a way to have all the fonts you like at very low price!

Creative Fabrica has Font subscription! 

For only $19/month you get access to almost 100K fonts.

Get yours now!


utorak, 26. listopada 2021.

My older freebie

 One of my favorite blogtrains is officialy over. I was part of it for almost 9 years. 

This time I want to remind you that it was all about 
the worst diseases that usually were so close to hearts of every designer 
that worked on this blogtrain. 
Take a look at 2019 when we had "Neurofibromatosis awareness". 
Here's preview

DOWNLOAD is still available in original post

ponedjeljak, 25. listopada 2021.

Old freebie by Sugarmoon designs

 Even though With Love Studio doesn't exists anymore. this was a big surprise.

I found one of their designers - Sugar Moon designs - and her old freebie.

Facebook covers are still there for download, only you have to copy link 

and paste it in another browser window. For some reason Google 

doesn't allow me to download it in Chrome

So go here and 

DOWNLOAD from her blog

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petak, 22. listopada 2021.

My old layout

Whoa! Google is amazing sometimes.

I was searching for something about my homwtown 

(for those that don't know, I live in Croatia, town of Osijek).

Well, Google showed me my old layout that I made 

for JoCee while I was in her CT team. It was sometime in 2017, I think.

Anyway, layout is in my Pixel Scrapper gallery that I 
don't use much anymore. And I'm not working with Jocee anymore.
But what memories this brought up! I love Google!


srijeda, 20. listopada 2021.

Perfect Facebook group

You know on Facebook all the time, right?

But! Did you know that one of my favorite places to hang out 


(free template that you can find in the group)

In this group you can find all kinds of freebies, 

tutorials, layouts and everything else that makes your day complete.

Have fun scrolling through the group!


ponedjeljak, 18. listopada 2021.

Kreative design studio

 This is new store by my friend Lisa. She was known as 
The Cherry on top, and you can still read her blog.
But know she's Kreative design studio at Design Bundles. 
These plaid papers are just one of many veeery beautiful products