subota, 23. svibnja 2020.

Top 6 reasons to love DesignBundles/FontBundles

There are probably much more reasons, but here are 5 of mine, 
why I love using DesignBundles every day

1. You can become a designer! If you have a blog and you know how to design different items, from SVG files, mock-ups, scrapbooking, fonts, even crochet patterns - you can apply to open a DB/FB shop. It's easy, so much things to see and try to make - just apply here

And they have amazing Facebook group where you can meet other designers and get any help you need. Plus, there's also forum - where you can get help and also give help to others

2. They have amazing subscription called Plus program, that gives you opportunity to get items from store for less money! You can choose from thousands of items, and then use them for your personal items, or for something you'll make for your store (see #1).


3. Affiliate program! You can earn with Design/FontBundles, even if you're not designer! Just join affiliate program (apply here), and promote their products for really great commissions. Here are some of my favorite products (all links are my affiliate links, so I will get a few cents if you buy anything)

of course, my own designs

and few fonts:

 4. Discounts! Usually once a month DesignBundles has what is called $1 deals. That's when about 30 products is offered for only $1 each, for only one hour. That is, unless you have Plus program subscription (see #2 above), then you have 24 hours to get those items for $1. And, I have to say, those are always amazing offers - some products usually cost over $40!
Also, many stores have their discounts on limited time. For example, my store always has discount from 40 to 50% each month!

5. Commercial use. All of products in store are licenced for commercial use. That means, if someone buys your product they can make something with it - totally different design, actually - and sell it for their own profit. Most of items I see sold are SVG files (usually used for T-shirts, mugs and decoration), graphic design and some of software add-ons. 

6. And now, for the most important one - FREEBIES! There are hundreds of freebie files on site - not just designs, fonts too! Take a look here:

So, this is my recommendation - but there are more things to write about, some other time. 
Stay tuned for more in next few days!

petak, 8. svibnja 2020.

Freebies at Creative Fabrica

Hi everyone!

Did you know that Creative Fabrica has a wide range of FREEBIES?
Not just small freebies like some fonts or paper packs, 
these are big BUNDLES ful of interesting items. Let's see, there's 7 of them right now:

So, there's a lot of stuff you can do! Have fun!