nedjelja, 24. srpnja 2016.

Great news! Exclusive coupon!

Hi everyone!
One more great designer loves my little blog and my scrapping attempts (LOL!).
It's Ania, designer behind Sunshine inspired designs
You can get to know her (if you already don't know) 
Ania has so many great stuff in her store:
all kinds of kits, packs, CU items, templates...

Well, here we are - talking about templates!!!
Ania was so impressed with my layout for her birthday giwaway

that - not only I won such lovely collection "In my garden"
she prepared special gift for you, guys!
Readers of this blog will get exclusive coupon 
for her template pack "The minimalist" during all August, starting tommorow. 
One of those templates I used for that winnning layout.

So here it is, below is link and code you can 
use ONLY for those templates.

link to templates in ANIA'S STORE
code you need to copy to get discount: SID_TM_30

I hope (no, I know!) you'll use that special coupon. 
So, I'm hoping to see your layouts soon. 
Let's surprise Ania with those!

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