nedjelja, 6. siječnja 2019.

Woman up, girl!

Hi everyone!
So, when yoiu get to know me, you soon find out one fact about me - 
I really, really love Eiffel tower. Everything about it, but for no real reason, LOL
So, one of my favorite designers (who I work closely with) 
recently made a lovely scrapbooking kit 
called "We'll always have Paris" that, of course, has lots of Eiffel Tower in it.

Here's what I made with that collection. 

Wordart I used here is NOT part of that bundle. It comes in completely different bundle, with lots of possibilities. Let's take a look here:

That bundle is part of December bundle that is going to close in less than 2 days, so hurry if you want to save money on great products

Have fun, I'll be back soon with some freebies

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