srijeda, 30. lipnja 2021.

DesignBundles Plus membership - what I like about it

 Hi everyone!

So far, you all know I love DesignBundles, not just because I have store there, but also because they have soooo many great stuff.

One of best perks is Plus membership. There you can find everything you need if you're scrapbook designer, mock-up designer or anything else.

Take a look at my favorite items, I'll try to show you each category:

Textures, patterns and backgrounds:

Photoshop add-ons:


and finally, scrapbooking

this is just VEEEERY small part of whole Plus membership collection. Join here for DB (if you're not member yet) and get your points today, so that you can start collecting these amazing products!

Choose your membership here:

As you can see, I have Silver membership and it's waaay enough for me. The best part is monthly $1 deals - if I'm late when it starts, I can have one more day to collect what I want from that sale!

So, let's be Plus buddies and let me know what you like the most!

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